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......@@ -494,7 +494,7 @@ $ <userinput>kea-admin lease-init pgsql -u <replaceable>database-user</replaceab
</section> <!-- end of PostgreSQL sections -->
<title>CQL (Cassandra)</title>
The CQL database must be properly set up if you want Kea to store
......@@ -501,6 +501,46 @@ Debian and Ubuntu:
PostgreSQL database configuration.
<title>Building with CQL (Cassandra) support</title>
Install Cassandra according to the instructions for your system. The
Cassandra project webpage contains useful pointers: <ulink
url="" />.
Download and compile cpp-driver from DataStax. For details regarding
dependencies for building cpp-driver, see the project homepage
<ulink url="" />. As of June
2016, the following commands were used:
$ <userinput>git clone</userinput>
$ <userinput>cd cpp-driver</userinput>
$ <userinput>mkdir build</userinput>
$ <userinput>cmake ..</userinput>
$ <userinput>make</userinput>
As of June 2016, cpp-driver does not include cql_config script
yet. There is a work in progress to contribute such a script to
cpp-driver project. Until such contribution is accepted, there are
intermediate steps that need to be conducted. The cql_config
script and are temporarily stored in
tools/ directory of the Kea sources. Before using it, please
edit change CPP_DRIVER_PATH to the directory,
where cpp-driver sources are located. If cpp-driver sources already
provide cql_config script please use that rather than the version
from Kea sources.
Build and install Kea as described in <xref linkend="installation"/>, with
the following modification. To enable the Cassandra (CQL) database code, at the
"configure" step (see <xref linkend="configure"/>), do:
<screen><userinput>./configure [other-options] --with-cql=<replaceable>path-to-cql_config</replaceable></userinput></screen>
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