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.. _hooks-limits:
``limits``: Rate Limiting
This hook library enables limiting the rate at which packets are being processed.
The limits hook library is part of the subscription package.
The library can be loaded by both ``kea-dhcp4`` and ``kea-dhcp6`` servers by adding its path along with any parameters to the ``"hooks-libraries"`` element of the server's configuration. Here is an example:
.. code-block:: json
"DhcpX": {
"hooks-libraries": [
"library": "/usr/local/lib/libdhcp_limits.so"
"limits": [
"client-classes": ["ALL"],
"rate-limit": "1000 packets per second"
"client-classes": [ "bronze" ],
"rate-limit": "100 packets per minute"
"subnet-ids": [ 1, 2 ],
"rate-limit": "1 packet per second"
There are two possible packet identification criteria: client classes and subnet IDs. For easier
configuration, you may provide multiple such criteria to a single rate limit.
The rate limit can be specified in the format ``"<p> packets per <time-unit>"``. ``<p>`` is any
number that can be represented by an unsigned integer on 32 bits i.e. between ``0`` and
``4,294,967,295``. ``<time-unit>`` can be any of ``second``, ``minute``, ``hour``, ``day``,
``week``, ``month``, ``year``. ``month`` is considered 30 days for simplicity. Similarly, ``year``
is considered 365 days. This syntax covers a high range of rates from one lease per year to four
billion leases per second.
The configured value of ``0`` packets can be a convenient way of disabling packet processing for
certain clients entirely. As such, it means its literary value and is not a special value for
disabling rate limiting. Disabling limiting altogether is achieved by removing the leaf
configuration entry, the map around it or the entire hook library configuration.
......@@ -3582,6 +3582,7 @@ both the command and the response.
.. include:: hooks-lease-query.rst
.. include:: hooks-run-script.rst
.. include:: hooks-ddns-tuning.rst
.. include:: hooks-limits.rst
.. _user-context-hooks:
......@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ rst_arm_sources += arm/hooks-ha.rst
rst_arm_sources += arm/hooks-host-cache.rst
rst_arm_sources += arm/hooks-lease-cmds.rst
rst_arm_sources += arm/hooks-lease-query.rst
rst_arm_sources += arm/hooks-limits.rst
rst_arm_sources += arm/hooks-radius.rst
rst_arm_sources += arm/hooks-run-script.rst
rst_arm_sources += arm/hooks-stat-cmds.rst
......@@ -94,6 +94,7 @@ exclude_patterns = [
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