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[5619] ChangeLog updated.

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1403. [build] tomek
Support for hook packages has been updated. The --with-tierX
flags have been removed. Each hook library is now detected
(Trac #5619, git aa1f95d699dc664a5660db120ef71edee910a9b3)
1402. [bug] tomek
Fixed a crash that was caused by hook library registering
new hook points. This fixes unit-tests with forensic
logging, but the problem was generic and could cause
other libraries to segfault during unloading or reconfiguration.
(Trac 5577, git 2f9d1aa95c16e12fabc50d581b966f20b6d8a950)
(Trac #5577, git 2f9d1aa95c16e12fabc50d581b966f20b6d8a950)
1401. [bug] tmark
Corrected an issue which caused kea-dhcp4 and kea-dhcp6 servers
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