Commit 9f89f07a authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1332] added more checks in the journalReader test.

parent fdefb47d
......@@ -3136,8 +3136,11 @@ TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, journalReader) {
// Check the simple case made by makeSimpleDiff.
ConstRRsetPtr soa_end = makeSimpleDiff(*this->client_, this->zname_,
this->qclass_, this->soa_);
ZoneJournalReaderPtr jnl_reader(this->client_->getJournalReader(
this->zname_, 1234, 1235).second);
pair<ZoneJournalReader::Result, ZoneJournalReaderPtr> result =
this->client_->getJournalReader(this->zname_, 1234, 1235);
EXPECT_EQ(ZoneJournalReader::SUCCESS, result.first);
ZoneJournalReaderPtr jnl_reader = result.second;
ConstRRsetPtr rrset = jnl_reader->getNextDiff();
isc::testutils::rrsetCheck(this->soa_, rrset);
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