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[#643,!421] Added a note about shareable and non-shareable config in DHCP.

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......@@ -5673,6 +5673,17 @@ autogenerated IDs are not stable across configuration changes.</para>
(<command>option-data</command>) is performed using the
<para>The <xref linkend="cb-sharing"/> explains the concept of shareable
and non-shareable configuration elements and the limitations for
sharing them between multiple servers. In the DHCP configuration (both DHCPv4
and DHCPv6) the shareable configuration elements are: subnets and shared
networks. Thus they can be explicitly associated with multiple server tags.
The global parameters, option definitions and global options are not shareable
and they can be associated with only one server tag. This rule does not apply
to the configuration elements associated with "all" servers. Any configuration
element associated with "all" servers (using "all" keyword as a server tag) is
used by all servers connecting to the configuration database.</para>
<table frame="all" xml:id="dhcp4-cb-parameters">
<title>List of DHCPv4 Parameters Supported by the Configuration Backend</title>
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