Commit a0d58242 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[171-keactrl-tests-not-posix] Replaced not portable '+''

parent 49116840
......@@ -1420,21 +1420,22 @@ version_command_test() {
test_start "keactrl.version-command"
# Create configuration file for keactrl.
# Note that += is NOT in POSIX shell so PLEASE do NOT use it.
create_keactrl_config "${keactrl_config}"
# This is what we expect to get. We need to run it through printf
# to convert \n to actual LF (0xa) or whatever the EOL is used on your
# system.
exp="keactrl: @PACKAGE_VERSION@\n"
exp+="kea-dhcp4: @PACKAGE_VERSION@\n"
exp+="kea-dhcp6: @PACKAGE_VERSION@\n"
exp+="kea-dhcp-ddns: @PACKAGE_VERSION@\n"
exp+="kea-ctrl-agent: @PACKAGE_VERSION@"
exp="${exp}kea-dhcp4: @PACKAGE_VERSION@\n"
exp="${exp}kea-dhcp6: @PACKAGE_VERSION@\n"
exp="${exp}kea-dhcp-ddns: @PACKAGE_VERSION@\n"
exp="${exp}kea-ctrl-agent: @PACKAGE_VERSION@"
if [ ${have_netconf} -eq 1 ]; then
exp+="\nkea-netconf: @PACKAGE_VERSION@"
exp="${exp}\nkea-netconf: @PACKAGE_VERSION@"
# The %b parameter tells printf to interpret backslashes.
EXPECTED_RESP=$(printf "%b" "$exp")
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