Commit a42470f8 authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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Add a install-data-local target to remove group and other

read permissions from the private password and RSA key files.

Also add a TODO comment -- note that these files are overwritten
so this needs to be fixed -- treated as configuration files not
data files.

git-svn-id: svn:// e5f2f494-b856-4b98-b285-d166d9295462
parent 3066eb7a
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ pkglibexecdir = $(libexecdir)/@PACKAGE@
pkglibexec_SCRIPTS = b10-cmdctl
b10_cmdctldir = $(DESTDIR)$(pkgdatadir)
# TODO: this is dangerous -- will overwrite!
b10_cmdctl_DATA = passwd.csv b10-cmdctl.pem
CLEANFILES= b10-cmdctl
......@@ -12,3 +13,7 @@ CLEANFILES= b10-cmdctl
$(SED) "s|@@PYTHONPATH@@|@pyexecdir@|" >$@
chmod a+x $@
chmod go-rwx $(DESTDIR)$(pkgdatadir)/passwd.csv
chmod go-rwx $(DESTDIR)$(pkgdatadir)/b10-cmdctl.pem
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