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[5019_rebase] createGlobalDhcpXConfigParser removed

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......@@ -435,43 +435,6 @@ private:
namespace isc {
namespace dhcp {
/// @brief creates global parsers
/// This method creates global parsers that parse global parameters, i.e.
/// those that take format of Dhcp4/param1, Dhcp4/param2 and so forth.
/// @param config_id pointer to received global configuration entry
/// @param element pointer to the element to be parsed
/// @return parser for specified global DHCPv4 parameter
/// @throw NotImplemented if trying to create a parser for unknown
/// config element
DhcpConfigParser* createGlobalDhcp4ConfigParser(const std::string& config_id,
ConstElementPtr element) {
DhcpConfigParser* parser = NULL;
// valife-lifetime, renew-timer, rebind-timer, decline-probation-period
// have been migrated to SimpleParser already.
// subnet4 has been migrated to SimpleParser already.
// interface-config has been migrated to SimpleParser already.
// option-data and option-def have been converted to SimpleParser already.
// next-server migrated
// echo-client-id migrated
// lease-database migrated
// hosts-database migrated
// dhcp-ddns has been converted to SimpleParser.
// match-client-id has been migrated to SimpleParser already.
// control-socket has been converted to SimpleParser already.
// expired-leases-processing has been converted to SimpleParser already.
// client-classes has been converted to SimpleParser already.
// host-reservation-identifiers have been converted to SimpleParser already.
"unsupported global configuration parameter: "
<< config_id << " (" << element->getPosition() << ")");
return (parser);
/// @brief Initialize the command channel based on the staging configuration
/// Only close the current channel, if the new channel configuration is
......@@ -502,11 +502,6 @@ server configuration, a set of parsers were successfully created, but
one of them failed to commit its changes. The reason for the failure
is given in the message.
% DHCP6_PARSER_CREATED created parser for configuration element %1
A debug message output during a configuration update of the IPv6 DHCP
server, notifying that the parser for the specified configuration element
has been successfully created.
% DHCP6_PARSER_EXCEPTION failed to create or run parser for configuration element %1
On receipt of message containing details to a change of its configuration,
the IPv6 DHCP server failed to create a parser to decode the contents of
......@@ -770,17 +770,6 @@ configureDhcp6Server(Dhcpv6Srv&, isc::data::ConstElementPtr config_set) {
// for option definitions. This is equivalent to commiting empty container.
// Some of the values specified in the configuration depend on
// other values. Typically, the values in the subnet6 structure
// depend on the global values. Also, option values configuration
// must be performed after the option definitions configurations.
// Thus we group parsers and will fire them in the right order:
// all parsers other than lease-database, subnet6 and
// option-data parser, then option-data parser, subnet6 parser,
// lease-database parser.
// Please do not change this order!
ParserCollection independent_parsers;
// Some of the parsers alter state of the system that can't easily
// be undone. (Or alter it in a way such that undoing the change
// has the same risk of failure as doing the change.)
......@@ -956,21 +945,10 @@ configureDhcp6Server(Dhcpv6Srv&, isc::data::ConstElementPtr config_set) {
/// @todo: 5116 ticket: remove this chunk below once all parser
/// tickets are done.
ParserPtr parser(createGlobal6DhcpConfigParser(config_pair.first,
// Those parsers should be started before other
// parsers so we can call build straight away.
// The commit operation here may modify the global storage
// but we need it so as the subnet6 parser can access the
// parsed data.
// If we got here, no code handled this parameter, so we bail out.
"unsupported global configuration parameter: " << config_pair.first
<< " (" << config_pair.second->getPosition() << ")");
// Setup the command channel.
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