Commit a558acc2 authored by Razvan Becheriu's avatar Razvan Becheriu

[1040] minor changes

parent 01eba32f
...@@ -1629,8 +1629,7 @@ CqlLease6Exchange::getExpiredLeases(const size_t &max_leases, ...@@ -1629,8 +1629,7 @@ CqlLease6Exchange::getExpiredLeases(const size_t &max_leases,
// Retrieve leases from the database. // Retrieve leases from the database.
Lease6Collection temp_collection; Lease6Collection temp_collection;
getLeaseCollection(CqlLease6Exchange::GET_LEASE6_EXPIRE, data, getLeaseCollection(CqlLease6Exchange::GET_LEASE6_EXPIRE, data, temp_collection);
for (Lease6Ptr &lease : temp_collection) { for (Lease6Ptr &lease : temp_collection) {
expired_leases.push_back(lease); expired_leases.push_back(lease);
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