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[2066] revised text about xfrout acl config per my own suggestion

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......@@ -2115,11 +2115,6 @@
<screen>&gt; <userinput>config show Xfrout/transfer_acl</userinput>
Xfrout/transfer_acl[0] {"action": "ACCEPT"} any (default)</screen>
You can configure it in the same way as any ACL
(<xref linkend="common-acl" />).
If you want to require TSIG in access control, a system wide TSIG
"key ring" must be configured.
......@@ -2135,6 +2130,11 @@ Xfrout/transfer_acl[0] {"action": "ACCEPT"} any (default)</screen>
will use the system wide keyring to check
TSIGs in the incoming messages and to sign responses.</para>
For further details on ACL configuration, see
<xref linkend="common-acl" />.
The way to specify zone specific configuration (ACLs, etc) is
likely to be changed.
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