Commit a64cb609 authored by Mukund Sivaraman's avatar Mukund Sivaraman
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[2062] Add some comments to the SysInfo unit test

parent e26eb608
......@@ -154,6 +154,8 @@ class SysInfoTest(unittest.TestCase):
if osname != 'Linux':
# Save and replace existing implementations of library functions
# with mock ones for testing.
old_platform_system = platform.system
platform.system = _my_linux_platform_system
old_os_sysconf = os.sysconf
......@@ -176,11 +178,16 @@ class SysInfoTest(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertEqual(4294963200, s.get_mem_swap_total())
self.assertEqual(4095451136, s.get_mem_swap_free())
self.assertEqual('My Distribution', s.get_platform_distro())
# These test that the corresponding tools are being called (and
# no further processing is done on this data). Please see the
# implementation functions at the top of this file.
self.assertEqual('qB2osV6vUOjqm3P/+tQ4d92xoYz8/U8P9v3KWRpNwlI=\n', s.get_net_interfaces())
self.assertEqual('VGWAS92AlS14Pl2xqENJs5P2Ihe6Nv9g181Mu6Zz+aQ=\n\nXfizswwNA9NkXz6K36ZExpjV08Y5IXkHI8jjDSV+5Nc=\n', s.get_net_routing_table())
self.assertEqual('osuxbrcc1g9VgaF4yf3FrtfodrfATrbSnjhqhuQSAs8=\n', s.get_net_stats())
self.assertEqual('Z+w0lwa02/T+5+EIio84rrst/Dtizoz/aL9Im7J7ESA=\n', s.get_net_connections())
# Restore original implementations.
platform.system = old_platform_system
os.sysconf = old_os_sysconf = old_open
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