Commit aa964794 authored by Olivier Clavel's avatar Olivier Clavel Committed by Tomek Mrugalski
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Various Fixes for testing in valgrind

1- Some test names differ from default run_unnittest (e.g bin/dhcpv4/dhcpv4_unittest)

2- For some reason I didn't get, some test do not produce a valgrind.$PID file,
in which case the script exits. Fix this so that it continues.
parent b860eba5
......@@ -38,14 +38,14 @@ FAILED=
# Find all the tests (yes, doing it by a name is a nasty hack)
# Since the while runs in a subprocess, we need to get the assignments out, done by the eval
eval $(find . -type f -name run_unittests -print | grep -v '\.libs/run_unittests$' | while read testname ; do
eval $(find . -type f -name *_unittests -print | grep -v '\.libs/' | while read testname ; do
sed -e 's#exec "#exec valgrind '"$FLAGS"' "#' "$testname" > "$testname.valgrind"
chmod +x "$testname.valgrind"
echo "$testname" >>"$LOGFILE"
echo "===============" >>"$LOGFILE"
cd $(dirname "$testname")
./run_unittests.valgrind >&2 &
./$(basename $testname).valgrind >&2 &
set +e
wait "$PID"
......@@ -59,8 +59,10 @@ eval $(find . -type f -name run_unittests -print | grep -v '\.libs/run_unittests
rm "$testname.valgrind"
# Remove the ones from death tests
grep "==$PID==" "$NAME" >>"$LOGFILE"
rm "$NAME"
if [ -e $NAME ]; then
grep "==$PID==" "$NAME" >>"$LOGFILE"
rm "$NAME"
echo 'FOUND_ANY=true'
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