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[4281] Moved MySQL host data source statements to impl class.

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......@@ -251,24 +251,6 @@ public:
/// Rolls back all pending database operations.
virtual void rollback();
/// @brief Statement Tags
/// The contents of the enum are indexes into the list of SQL statements
enum StatementIndex {
INSERT_HOST, // Insert new host to collection
INSERT_V6_RESRV, // Insert v6 reservation
INSERT_V4_OPTION, // Insert DHCPv4 option
INSERT_V6_OPTION, // Insert DHCPv6 option
GET_HOST_DHCPID, // Gets hosts by host identifier
GET_HOST_ADDR, // Gets hosts by IPv4 address
GET_HOST_SUBID4_DHCPID, // Gets host by IPv4 SubnetID, HW address/DUID
GET_HOST_SUBID6_DHCPID, // Gets host by IPv6 SubnetID, HW address/DUID
GET_HOST_SUBID_ADDR, // Gets host by IPv4 SubnetID and IPv4 address
GET_HOST_PREFIX, // Gets host by IPv6 prefix
GET_VERSION, // Obtain version number
NUM_STATEMENTS // Number of statements
/// @brief Pointer to the implementation of the @ref MySqlHostDataSource.
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