Commit ac107fab authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2373] unrelated extension to getString(): allow recycling the string

I expect we'll need the string object version of token pretty often
for rrtype and TTL, and this version will help make it a bit more
parent d25a434d
......@@ -340,12 +340,34 @@ public:
/// string object.
/// \return A std::string object corresponding to the string token value.
std::string getString() const {
std::string ret;
return (ret);
/// \brief Fill in a string with the value of a string-variant token.
/// This is similar to the other version of \c getString(), but
/// the caller is supposed to pass a placeholder string object.
/// This will be more efficient if the caller uses the same
/// \c MasterLexer repeatedly and needs to get string token in the
/// form of a string object many times as this version could reuse
/// the existing internal storage of the passed string.
/// Any existing content of the passed string will be removed.
/// \throw InvalidOperation Called on a non string-variant types of token.
/// \throw std::bad_alloc Resource allocation failure in constructing the
/// string object.
/// \param ret A string object to be filled with the token string.
void getString(std::string& ret) const {
if (type_ != STRING && type_ != QSTRING) {
"Token::getString() for non string-variant type");
return (std::string(val_.str_region_.beg,
val_.str_region_.beg + val_.str_region_.len));
val_.str_region_.beg + val_.str_region_.len);
/// \brief Return the value of a string-variant token as a string object.
......@@ -48,6 +48,9 @@ TEST_F(MasterLexerTokenTest, strings) {
// basic construction and getter checks
EXPECT_EQ(MasterLexer::Token::STRING, token_str.getType());
EXPECT_EQ(std::string("string token"), token_str.getString());
std::string strval = "dummy"; // this should be replaced
EXPECT_EQ(std::string("string token"), strval);
const MasterLexer::Token::StringRegion str_region =
EXPECT_EQ(TEST_STRING, str_region.beg);
......@@ -60,6 +63,8 @@ TEST_F(MasterLexerTokenTest, strings) {
MasterLexer::Token(TEST_STRING, TEST_STRING_LEN + 1).getString());
MasterLexer::Token(TEST_STRING, TEST_STRING_LEN + 1).getString(strval);
EXPECT_EQ(expected_str, strval);
// Construct type of qstring
......@@ -72,7 +77,9 @@ TEST_F(MasterLexerTokenTest, strings) {
// getString/StringRegion() aren't allowed for non string(-variant) types
EXPECT_THROW(token_eof.getString(), isc::InvalidOperation);
EXPECT_THROW(token_eof.getString(strval), isc::InvalidOperation);
EXPECT_THROW(token_num.getString(), isc::InvalidOperation);
EXPECT_THROW(token_num.getString(strval), isc::InvalidOperation);
EXPECT_THROW(token_eof.getStringRegion(), isc::InvalidOperation);
EXPECT_THROW(token_num.getStringRegion(), isc::InvalidOperation);
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