Commit acb0565b authored by Jeremy C. Reed's avatar Jeremy C. Reed
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[master] build a text version of the guide

This was brought up at ISC All-Hands.

This will be included in the tarball.

For now this will be included in the repo too
(a different commit will add it).

I am using elinks for now. Note for now nothing in make forces it
to be rebuilt, so no tool is needed for this.
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EXTRA_DIST = bind10-guide.css
EXTRA_DIST += bind10-guide.xml bind10-guide.html
EXTRA_DIST += bind10-guide.xml bind10-guide.html bind10-guide.txt
EXTRA_DIST += bind10-messages.xml bind10-messages.html
HTML2TXT ?= elinks -dump -no-numbering -no-references
bind10-guide.txt: bind10-guide.html
$(HTML2TXT) $(srcdir)/bind10-guide.html > $@
# This is not a "man" manual, but reuse this for now for docbook.
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