Commit acbcce24 authored by Naoki Kambe's avatar Naoki Kambe
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[master] ChangeLog for #2298

parent 512d2d46
504. [bug]* naokikambe
Fixed an XML format viewed from b10-stats-httpd. Regarding
per-zone counters as zones of Xfrout, a part of the item values wasn't
an exact XML format. A zone name can be specified in URI as
/bind10/statistics/xml/Xfrout/zones/ XSD and XSL
formats are also changed to constant ones due to these changes.
(Trac #2298, git 512d2d46f3cb431bcdbf8d90af27bff8874ba075)
503. [func] Stephen
Add initial version of a MySQL backend for the DHCP code. This
implements the basic IPv6 lease access functions - add lease, delete
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