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[2765] Improved commentary in the IfaceMgr.

parent c62586a2
......@@ -619,7 +619,18 @@ public:
/// Opens IPv6 sockets on detected interfaces.
/// Will throw exception if socket creation fails.
/// @todo This function will throw an exception immediately when a socket
/// fails to open. This is undersired behavior because it will preclude
/// other sockets from opening. We should strive to provide similar mechanism
/// that has been introduced for V4 sockets. If socket creation fails the
/// appropriate error handler is called and once the handler returns the
/// function contnues to open other sockets. The change in the IfaceMgr
/// is quite straight forward and it is proven to work for V4. However,
/// unit testing it is a bit involved, because for unit testing we need
/// a replacement of the openSocket6 function which will mimic the
/// behavior of the real socket opening. For the V4 we have the means to
/// to achieve that with the replaceable PktFilter class. For V6, the
/// implementation is hardcoded in the openSocket6.
/// @param port specifies port number (usually DHCP6_SERVER_PORT)
......@@ -631,19 +642,19 @@ public:
/// @param port specifies port number (usually DHCP4_SERVER_PORT)
/// @param use_bcast configure sockets to support broadcast messages.
/// @param errcb A pointer to a function which should be called everytime
/// a socket being opened failed. The presence of the callback function
/// (non NULL value) implies that an exception is not thrown when the
/// operation on the socket fails. The process of opening sockets will
/// continue after callback function returns. The socket which failed
/// to open will remain closed.
/// @param error_handler A pointer to a callback function which is called
/// by the openSockets4 when it fails to open a socket. This parameter
/// can be NULL to indicate that the callback should not be used. In such
/// case the @c isc::dhcp::SocketConfigError exception is thrown instead.
/// When a callback is installed the function will continue when callback
/// returns control.
/// @throw SocketOpenFailure if tried and failed to open socket and callback
/// function hasn't been specified.
/// @return true if any sockets were open
bool openSockets4(const uint16_t port = DHCP4_SERVER_PORT,
const bool use_bcast = true,
IfaceMgrErrorMsgCallback errcb = NULL);
IfaceMgrErrorMsgCallback error_handler = NULL);
/// @brief Closes all open sockets.
/// Is used in destructor, but also from Dhcpv4Srv and Dhcpv6Srv classes.
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