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[kea-0.9-release] removed duplicated entry in ChangeLog

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Kea 0.9 released on August 29, 2014
833. [bug] jiri
832. [bug] jiri
Compilation fix for PostgreSQL on i686. Thanks to Jiri Popelka
from RedHat for providing a patch!
(Trac #3532, git 96a06654f2177444dcea3a0e9f6fa06947855497)
832. [func] marcin
831. [func] marcin
DHCP servers check if the interfaces specified in the configuration,
to be used to receive DHCP messages, are present in the system.
If the interface doesn't exist, an error is reported. In addition,
......@@ -14,11 +14,6 @@ Kea 0.9 released on August 29, 2014
sockets can be bound to the DHCPv6 server port.
(Trac #3512, git 5cbbab2d01c6e1bf6d563ba64d80bc6bc857f73d)
831. [bug] marcin
Kea deamons report configuration summary when the configuration is
completed successfully.
(Trac #3477, git af2f91d2583b37d69c86fbc4eed29489c6fb8a12)
830. [build] jreed
The configure script no longer requires pkg-config.
(Trac #3511, git 99a5a2db8c011b358873d485ac48f7c78ac6374c)
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