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update comment and documentation

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......@@ -135,8 +135,6 @@ createCommand(const std::string& command, ConstElementPtr arg) {
return (cmd);
/// Returns "" and empty ElementPtr() if this does not
/// look like a command
parseCommand(ConstElementPtr& arg, ConstElementPtr command) {
if (command &&
......@@ -91,11 +91,13 @@ isc::data::ConstElementPtr createCommand(const std::string& command,
/// \brief Parses the given command into a string containing the actual
/// command and an ElementPtr containing the optional argument.
/// Raises a CCSessionError if this is not a well-formed command
/// \param arg This value will be set to the ElementPtr pointing to
/// the argument, or to an empty Map (ElementPtr) if there was none.
/// \param command The command message containing the command (as made
/// by createCommand()
/// \return The command string
/// \return The command name
std::string parseCommand(isc::data::ConstElementPtr& arg,
isc::data::ConstElementPtr command);
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