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[5320] Added note in the guide that server terminates when SQL conn fails.

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......@@ -723,6 +723,9 @@ $ <userinput>kea-admin lease-upgrade cql -n <replaceable>database-name</replacea
<title>Limitations Related to the use of SQL Databases</title>
<title>Year 2038 issue</title>
The lease expiration time is stored in the SQL database for each lease
as a timestamp value. Kea developers observed that MySQL database doesn't
......@@ -739,6 +742,38 @@ $ <userinput>kea-admin lease-upgrade cql -n <replaceable>database-name</replacea
<title>Server Terminates when Database Connection is Lost</title>
If Kea is configured to use external database it opens a connection
to the database and requires that this connection is not interrupted.
When the database connection breaks, e.g. as a result of SQL server
restart, DHCP servers will terminate indicating a fatal error. In such
case, the system administrator is required to start the database and
then "manually" start Kea to resume the service.
Although the engineering team is planning to implement some form of
reconnect mechanism in the future, this will mostly be applicable in
cases when the database service is restarted and the connection
down time is relatively short. The DHCP server can't provide its
service as long as the database is down, because it can't store
leases being assigned to the clients. The server will have to
reject any DHCP messages as long as the connection is down and
terminate if the reconnection attempt fails multiple times.
Because the database connection is critical for the operation of the
DHCP service, the current behavior is to terminate when that
connection is unavailable to indicate that server is in inconsistent
state and can't serve clients.
</section> <!-- End of Database sections -->
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