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[3033] Corrected doxygen errors in dhcpsrv

parent d508d4ac
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ public:
/// a DNS update when renewing a lease.
/// (Note: b10-dhcp-ddns is implemented per RFC 4703 and such a remove
/// is unnecessary).
/// @param always_include_fdqn Enables always including the FQDN option in
/// @param always_include_fqdn Enables always including the FQDN option in
/// DHCP responses.
/// @param allow_client_update Enables delegation of updates to clients
/// @param override_no_update Enables updates, even if clients request no
......@@ -82,19 +82,19 @@ public:
/// @param qualifying_suffix Suffix to use to qualify partial domain-names.
/// @throw D2ClientError if given an invalid protocol or format.
D2ClientConfig(const bool enable_updates_,
const isc::asiolink::IOAddress& server_ip_,
const size_t server_port_,
const dhcp_ddns::NameChangeProtocol& ncr_protocol_,
const dhcp_ddns::NameChangeFormat& ncr_format_,
const bool remove_on_renew_,
const bool always_include_fqdn_,
const bool allow_client_update_,
const bool override_no_update_,
const bool override_client_update_,
const bool replace_client_name_,
const std::string& generated_prefix_,
const std::string& qualifying_suffix_);
D2ClientConfig(const bool enable_updates,
const isc::asiolink::IOAddress& server_ip,
const size_t server_port,
const dhcp_ddns::NameChangeProtocol& ncr_protocol,
const dhcp_ddns::NameChangeFormat& ncr_format,
const bool remove_on_renew,
const bool always_include_fqdn,
const bool allow_client_update,
const bool override_no_update,
const bool override_client_update,
const bool replace_client_name,
const std::string& generated_prefix,
const std::string& qualifying_suffix);
/// @brief Default constructor
/// The default constructor creates an instance that has updates disabled.
......@@ -255,7 +255,7 @@ public:
/// @throw D2ClientError if passed an empty pointer.
void setD2ClientConfig(D2ClientConfigPtr& new_config);
/// @param Convenience method for checking if DHCP-DDNS updates are enabled.
/// @brief Convenience method for checking if DHCP-DDNS is enabled.
/// @return True if the D2 configuration is enabled.
bool isDhcpDdnsEnabled();
......@@ -903,7 +903,8 @@ public:
/// @brief Creates a parser for the given "dhcp-ddns" member element id.
/// The elements currently supported are:
/// The elements currently supported are (see isc::dhcp::D2ClientConfig
/// for details on each):
/// -# enable-updates
/// -# server-ip
/// -# server-port
......@@ -917,7 +918,6 @@ public:
/// -# replace-client-name
/// -# generated-prefix
/// -# qualifying-suffix
/// (see d2::D2ClientConfig for details on each.)
/// @param config_id is the "item_name" for a specific member element of
/// the "dns_server" specification.
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