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[2922] documentation nits

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......@@ -206,7 +206,7 @@ class MsgQ:
Thin wrapper around ccs's notify. Send a notification about change
of some list that can be requested by the members command.
The event is either one of:
The event is one of:
- connected (client connected to MsgQ)
- disconected (client disconnected from MsgQ)
- subscribed (client subscribed to a group)
......@@ -214,12 +214,12 @@ class MsgQ:
The params is dict containing:
- client: The lname of the client in question.
- group (only the 3rd and 4th): The group the client subscribed
or unsubscribed from.
- group (for 'subscribed' and 'unsubscribed' events):
The group the client subscribed or unsubscribed from.
It is expected to happen after the event (so client subscribing for these
notifications gets a notification about itself, but not in the case
of unsubscribing).
The notification occurs after the event, so client a subscribing for
notifications will get a notification about its own subscription, but
will not get a notification when it unsubscribes.
# Due to the interaction between threads (and fear it might influence
# sending stuff), we test this method in msgq_run_test, instead of
......@@ -850,9 +850,7 @@ class MsgQ:
return isc.config.create_answer(0)
def command_handler(self, command, args):
"""The command handler (run in a separate thread).
Not tested, currently effectively empty.
"""The command handler (run in a separate thread)."""
config_logger.debug(TRACE_DETAIL, MSGQ_COMMAND, command, args)
with self.__lock:
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