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......@@ -65,8 +65,10 @@ in the compiled version of the software, hence the need for a rebuild.
The core of Kea is written in C++. While it is the intention to
provide interfaces into user code written in other languages, the initial
versions of the Hooks system requires that user code be written in C++.
All examples in this guide are in that language.
versions of the Hooks system required that user code be written in C++.
It is no longer the case and there are examples of hooks written for
instance in Python but this guide does not document how to do that.
All examples in this guide are in C++.
@subsection hooksdgTerminology Terminology
......@@ -1521,4 +1523,43 @@ which are dedicated to isc::data::Element testing and src/lib/hooks/tests/callou
which is an example library used in testing. This library expects exactly 3 parameters:
svalue (which is a string), ivalue (which is an integer) and bvalue (which is a boolean).
@subsection hooksMultiThreading Multi-Threading Considations for Hooks Writers
Multi-threading programming in C++ is not easy. For instance STL containers
do not support simultaneous read and write accesses. Kea is written in C++
so a priori for all Kea features one should never assume thread safety.
This stands both for internal multi-threading inside a hook library or
when a hook is called from a callout point in the multi-threaded packet
processing. When the problem can't be solved the hook must be marked
as not compatible with multi-threading.
Some Kea APIs were made thread safe mainly because they are used by the
packet processing:
- logging is thread safe and even multi process safe i.e. messages logged
into a file or by syslog from multiple processes do not mixed.
- statistics update is thread safe.
- lease and host database backends are thread safe. Note if you need to
perform a direct MySQL or PostgreSQL query you must use the connection pool.
- state model and watched thread are thread safe (libkea-util)
- interval timer setup and cancel are thread safe (libkea-asiolink)
- parking lots are thread safe (libkea-hooks)
- external sockets are thread safe (libkea-dhcp++)
- http client is thread safe (libkea-http)
In some cases thread safety is not required for instance for the code which
is executed by the main thread:
- (re)configuration is performed by the main thread with the packet
processing stopped
- io service (io context is recent boost versions) is polled by the main
- external context callbacks are executed by the main thread
Note in the last two cases the packet processing is not stopped: the
external socket being thread safe only means one may at any moment for
instance delete an external socket, not that the callback has an exclusive
access to Kea internal objects.
Per library documentation will be updated to detail thread safety to help
hooks writers and to provide an exhaustive list of Kea thread safe APIs.
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