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[master] added changelog for #2244

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487. [bug] jinmei
The bind10 process now terminates a component (subprocess) by the
"config remove Boss/components" bindctl command even if the
process crashes immediately before the command is sent to bind10.
Previously this led to an inconsistent state between the
configuration and an internal component list of bind10, and bind10
kept trying to restart the component. A known specific case of
this problem is that b10-ddns could keep failing (due to lack of
dependency modules) and the administrator couldn't stop the
restart via bindctl.
(Trac #2244, git 7565788d06f216ab254008ffdfae16678bcd00e5)
486. [bug]* jinmei
All public header files for libb10-dns++ are now installed.
Template and utility AC macros for external projects
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