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fixed errors in ChangeLog

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1654. [security] tmark
1654. [sec] tmark
kea-dhcp4 Memfile logic now ensures during reading and writing
that leases which are not in the declined state, have either
a hardware address, client id, or both. kea-dhcp6 Memfile logic
now ensures leases which are not declined have a non-empty DUID.
now ensures leases which are not declined have a non-empty DUID.
(Gitlab #805,!6-p, git 9705445210cf2a5c4bbe86fde4ce010c45b7aac1)
1653. [security] tmark
1653. [sec] tmark
Added a new parameter, "max-row-errors", to Memfile lease database
configuration for kea-dhcp4 and kea-dhcp6. This parameter can be
used to limit the number of rows discarded due to error during
......@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@
(Gitlab #805,!5-p git af7393c517cea37a7091075e5d0d24793bccf013)
1652. [security] tmark
1652. [sec] tmark
Prevent the DHCP servers from asserting when malformed
hostname or FQDN options are received. Now the servers will
drop the DHCP packets containing the malformed options.
(Gitlab #730,!2-p git a2a98c421bb400a81218bd28d6a6f62accd31b1f)
1651. [security] tmark
1651. [sec] tmark
Added logic to kea-dhcp6 to catch values for client or
server DUIDs that exceed 128 bytes to inbound packet
sanity checking.
......@@ -242,9 +242,6 @@ Kea 1.6.0-beta2 released on July 24, 2019
1610. [build] fdupont
Removed the obsolete compatcheck top directory.
(Gitlab #667,!391, git 8cb113a52f0cf56fbdb5cb0e87464135234c2ac1)
(Gitlab #722,!1-p git TBD)
>>>>>>> [#722,!1] Addressed review comments
1609. [bug] fdupont
Fixed the implementation of authentication keys in DHCPv6
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