Commit bf580169 authored by Stephen Morris's avatar Stephen Morris

[#1103] Remove sample fuzz packets

Remove these as fuzz testing is not something that most people will do
and they are not used in ISC fuzz testing (a more extensive set of seeds
is used).  In addition, it is easy enough to generate sample packets for
the fuzzer (something that is described in the developer documentation).
Indeed, with AFL, any file (not necessarily a DHCP packet) can be used
as a seed and useful results obtained.
parent 3b4f9cbb
......@@ -159,9 +159,7 @@ for this are:
everything is working is to look at the "total paths" figure. Initially,
this should increase reasonably rapidly. If not, it is likely that Kea is
failing to start or initialize properly and the logging output (assuming
this has been configured) should be examined. Some sample seed packets are
provided in the "src/bin/dhcp4/tests/fuzz-data" and
"src/bin/dhcp6/tests/fuzz-data" directories.
this has been configured) should be examined.
@subsection fuzzRunConfig Fuzzing with Configuration Files
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