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[master] Add ChangeLog for #2440, #2441

parent 0860ae36
585. [func] jinmei, muks
The zone data loader now accepts RRs in any order during load.
Before it used to reject adding non-consecutive RRsets. It
expected records for a single owner name and its type to be
grouped together. These restrictions are now removed. It now also
suppresses any duplicate RRs in the zone file when loading them
into memory.
(Trac #2440, git 232307060189c47285121f696d4efb206f632432)
(Trac #2441, git 0860ae366d73314446d4886a093f4e86e94863d4)
584. [bug] jinmei
Fixed build failure with Boost 1.53 (and probably higher) in the
internal utility library. Note that with -Werror it may still
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