Commit bfdc3fb8 authored by Stephen Morris's avatar Stephen Morris

[#640] Fuzzing-related updates

1. The switch to enable fuzzing is now "--enable-fuzzing".
2. A check is now made to see that the CXX environment variable
   points to an AFL-enabled compiler when the switch is modified.
parent 9ab23e34
......@@ -1460,14 +1460,22 @@ if test "x$VALGRIND" != "xno"; then
AC_ARG_ENABLE(fuzz, [AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-fuzz],
AC_ARG_ENABLE([fuzzing], [AC_HELP_STRING([--enable-fuzzing],
[indicates that the code will be built with AFL (American Fuzzy Lop) support.
Code built this way is unusable as a regular server. [default=no]])],
enable_fuzz=$enableval, enable_fuzz=no)
AM_CONDITIONAL(ENABLE_AFL, test x$enable_fuzz != xno)
[enable_fuzzing=$enableval], [enable_fuzzing=no])
AM_CONDITIONAL([ENABLE_AFL], [test x$enable_fuzzing != xno])
if test "x$enable_fuzz" != "xno" ; then
if test "x$enable_fuzzing" != "xno" ; then
AC_DEFINE([ENABLE_AFL], [1], [AFL fuzzing was enabled.])
AC_MSG_CHECKING([for AFL enabled compiler])
[#ifndef __AFL_COMPILER
#error AFL compiler required
[AC_MSG_ERROR([set CXX to afl-clang-fast++ when --enable-fuzzing is used])])
......@@ -1987,7 +1995,7 @@ Developer:
Generate Messages Files: $enable_generate_messages
Perfdhcp: $enable_perfdhcp
Kea-shell: $shell_report
Enable fuzz: $enable_fuzz
Enable fuzzing: $enable_fuzzing
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