Commit c28be089 authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen Committed by JINMEI Tatuya
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[2278] Add temporary suppression for false positives

parent 998645aa
......@@ -11,3 +11,18 @@ missingInclude
// // cppcheck-suppress duplicateExpression
// EXPECT_FALSE(small_name < small_name);
// With cppcheck 1.56, there are a number of false positives, which
// All of these should be checked and hopefully removed after upgrading
// cppcheck past 1.56
// eraseDereference: This is a known false positive, which has been
// fixed in the current development version of cppcheck
// Unused functions: there suddenly are a lot of unused function errors
// We could address those by adding for instance early declarations or
// (unnecessary) header files, but they were all somewhat false positives
// When we upgrade past 1.56, we should re-check this, and perhaps enable
// unused-functions again.
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