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[2380] filled in log message descriptions

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......@@ -17,15 +17,44 @@
# messages are in the correct order.
% LOADZONE_ARGUMENT_ERROR Error in command line arguments: %1
Some semantics error in command line arguments or options to b10-loadzone
is detected. b10-loadzone does effectively nothing and immediately
% LOADZONE_ZONE_CREATED Zone %1/%2 does not exist in the data source, newly created
The specified zone to b10-loadzone to load does not exist in the
specified data source. b10-loadzone has created a new empty zone
in the data source.
% LOADZONE_LOAD_ERROR Failed to load zone %1/%2: %3
Loading a zone by b10-loadzone fails for some reason in the middle of
the loading. This is most likely due to an error in the specified
arguments to b10-loadzone (such as non-existent zone file) or an error
in the zone file. When this happens, the RRs loaded so far are
effectively deleted from the zone, and the old version (if exists)
will still remain valid for operations.
% LOADZONE_CANCEL_CREATE_ZONE Creation of new zone %1/%2 was canceled
b10-loadzone has created a new zone in the data source (see
LOADZONE_ZONE_CREATED), but the loading operation has subsequently
failed. The newly created zone has been removed from the data source,
so that the data source will go back to the original state.
% LOADZONE_UNEXPECTED_FAILURE Unexpected exception: %1
b10-loadzone encounters an unexpected failure and terminates itself.
This is generally a bug of b10-loadzone itself or the underlying
data source library, so it's advisable to submit a bug report if
this message is logged. The incomplete attempt of loading should
have been cleanly canceled in this case, too.
% LOADZONE_DONE Load zone %1/%2 completed
b10-loadzone has successfully loaded the specified zone. If there was
an old version of the zone in the data source, it is now deleted.
% LOADZONE_POSTLOAD_ISSUE New version of zone %1/%2 has an issue: %3
b10-loadzone detected a problem after a successful load of zone:
either or both of SOA and NS records are missing at the zone origin.
In the current implementation the load will not be canceled for such
problems. The operator will need to fix the issues and reload the
zone; otherwise applications (such as b10-auth) that use this data
source will not work as expected.
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