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[1198] added more detailed description in the style of doxygen

for findOnNameResult.
also removed obsolete note from the findNoNameResult description.
parent e30dfe31
......@@ -922,6 +922,40 @@ public:
const DelegationSearchResult& dresult);
/// \brief Handle matching results for name
/// This is called when something is found in the underlying database
/// whose domain name is an exact match of the name to be searched for.
/// It explores four possible cases to decide the final lookup result:
/// - The name is a zone cut due to an NS RR.
/// - CNAME is found (while the requested RR type is not CNAME).
/// In this case multiple CNAMEs are checked and rejected with
/// a \c DataSourceError exception.
/// - Requested type is not found at that name.
/// - A record of the requested type is found.
/// and returns a corresponding find result.
/// This method is commonly used for normal (non wildcard) and wildcard
/// matches.
/// \param name The name to find
/// \param type The RRType to find
/// \param options Options about how to search. See the documentation
/// for ZoneFinder::FindOptions.
/// \param is_origin If name is the zone's origin name.
/// \param found A set of found RRsets in the search for the name
/// and type. It could contain one or more of the requested
/// type, CNAME, NS, and NSEC RRsets of the name.
/// \param wildname If non NULL, the method is called on a wildcard
/// match, and points to a string object representing
/// a textual form of the matched wildcard name;
/// it's NULL in the case of non wildcard match.
/// \return Tuple holding the result of the search - the RRset of the
/// wildcard records matching the name, together with a status
/// indicating the match type (corresponding to the each of
/// the above 4 cases). The return value is intended to be
/// usable as a return value of the caller of this helper
/// method.
FindResult findOnNameResult(const isc::dns::Name& name,
const isc::dns::RRType& type,
const FindOptions options,
......@@ -954,9 +988,7 @@ public:
/// wildcard records matching the name, together with a status
/// indicating the match type (e.g. CNAME at the wildcard
/// match, no RRs of the requested type at the wildcard,
/// success due to an exact match). Also returned if there
/// is no match is an indication as to whether there was an
/// success due to an exact match).
FindResult findNoNameResult(const isc::dns::Name& name,
const isc::dns::RRType& type,
FindOptions options,
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