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[5603] Added a note about restarting the HA service.

The server needs to be restarted or reloaded. In the future
we may provide a command.
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......@@ -234,9 +234,16 @@
synchronize first. The secondary or standby server will remain
in the <command>waiting</command> state until the primary
synchronizes the database.</para></listitem>.
<para>Currently, restarting the HA service being in the
<command>terminated</command> state requires restarting the
DHCP server or reloading its configuration. In the future, we will
provide a command to restart the HA service.</para>
Whether the server responds to the DHCP queries and which
<para>Whether the server responds to the DHCP queries and which
queries it responds to is a matter of the server's state, if no
administrative action is performed to configure the server
otherwise. The following table provides the default behavior for
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