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[master] Added ChangeLog entry for #2544.

parent fed1aab5
bind10-1.0.0-beta released on December 20, 2012
532. [func] marcin
Implemented configuration of DHCPv4 option values using
the configuration manager. In order to set values for the
data fields carried by a particular option, the user
specifies a string of hexadecimal digits that is converted
to binary data and stored in the option buffer. A more
user-friendly way of specifying option content is planned.
(Trac #2544, git fed1aab5a0f813c41637807f8c0c5f8830d71942)
531. [func] tomek
b10-dhcp6: Added support for expired leases. Leases for IPv6
addresses that are past their valid lifetime may be recycled, i.e.
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