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noted a future extension

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......@@ -175,6 +175,18 @@ namespace bench {
/// It should also be noted that the corresponding \c SetSearchBenchMark
/// object can be accessed (through its public interfaces) via the \c target_
/// member variable of \c BenchMark.
/// <b>Future Plans and Compatibility Notes</b>
/// Currently, benchmark developers need to write supplemental code that is
/// not directly related to benchmarks (such as \c %main()) by hand.
/// It would be better if we could minimize such development overhead.
/// In future versions we may provide a common \c %main() function and
/// option parsers, thereby allowing the developer to only write the benchmark
/// classes and invoke them, just like what various unit test frameworks do.
/// If and when we implement it, some existing benchmark cases may need to be
/// adjusted.
template <typename T>
class BenchMark {
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