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[master] changelog for (part of) #2833

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598. [func]* jinmei
The separate "static" data source is now deprecated as it can be
served in the more generic "MasterFiles" type of data source.
This means existing configuration may not work after an update.
If "config show data_sources/classes/CH[0]" on bindctl contains a
"static" type of data source, you'll need to update it as follows:
> config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/type MasterFiles
> config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/params {"BIND": =>
"<the value of current data_sources/classes/CH[0]/params>"}
> config set data_sources/classes/CH[0]/cache-enable true
> config commit
(Same for CH[1], CH[2], IN[0], etc, if applicable, although it
should be very unlikely in practice. Also note: '=>' above
indicates the next line is actually part of the command. Do
not type in this "arrow").
(Part of Trac #2833, git 0363b4187fe3c1a148ad424af39e12846610d2d7)
597. [func] tmark
b10-dhcp6: Added unit tests for handling requests when no
IPv6 subnets are configured/defined. Testing these conditions
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