Commit cb4c5b31 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2098] try to improve in-method comments for isSameKind()

parent 8440ca54
......@@ -339,11 +339,12 @@ TreeNodeRRset::isSameKind(const AbstractRRset& abs_other) const {
if (rdataset_ != other->rdataset_) {
return (false);
// Same for the owner name (note: in practice this method would be
// called for rrsets at different nodes, so we check that condition
// first). Note also that based on the basic assumption of the
// ZoneTree, if the nodes are different their RR classes must be
// different.
// Same for the owner name. Comparing the nodes also detect
// the case where RR classes are different (see the method description
// of the header for details).
// hasSameRealName() is a bit more complicated and we expect the
// two nodes are often different here in practice, so we check that
// condition first.
if (node_ != other->node_ || !hasSameRealName(*other)) {
return (false);
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