Commit cec8b022 authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski
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[3947] Removed spurious config parameter from the Subnet6.

parent 725013cf
......@@ -330,8 +330,7 @@ Subnet6::Subnet6(const isc::asiolink::IOAddress& prefix, uint8_t length,
const Triplet<uint32_t>& valid_lifetime,
const SubnetID id)
:Subnet(prefix, length, t1, t2, valid_lifetime, RelayInfo(IOAddress("::")), id),
preferred_(preferred_lifetime), rapid_commit_(false),
alloc_leases_on_renew_(true) {
preferred_(preferred_lifetime), rapid_commit_(false) {
if (!prefix.isV6()) {
isc_throw(BadValue, "Non IPv6 prefix " << prefix
<< " specified in subnet6");
......@@ -655,21 +655,6 @@ public:
return (rapid_commit_);
/// @brief Enables or disables the allocation of the new leases for the
/// Renew and Rebind case.
/// @param alloc_leases_on_renew A boolean value indicating if the server
/// can allocate new leases for the Renew and Rebind case.
void setAllocLeasesOnRenew(const bool alloc_leases_on_renew) {
alloc_leases_on_renew_ = alloc_leases_on_renew;
/// @brief Returns boolean value indicating if the new leases are allocated
/// by the server as a result of processing Renew and/or Rebind.
bool getAllocLeasesOnRenew() const {
return (alloc_leases_on_renew_);
/// @brief Returns default address for pool selection
......@@ -699,17 +684,6 @@ private:
/// Commit is disabled for the subnet.
bool rapid_commit_;
/// @brief A flag indicating if the server may allocate new leases
/// for the client sending a Renew or Rebind message.
/// This flag indicates that the client may request allocation of the
/// new leases (of any type) when it renews existing leases. This
/// facilitates the use cases described in RFC7550. If the server is
/// configured to allocate new leases for the Renew and Rebind case
/// but it can't allocate them (e.g. because of the pool exhaustion)
/// it will send the NoAddrsAvail or the NoPrefixAvail status code
/// in the IA, depending on the IA type.
bool alloc_leases_on_renew_;
/// @brief A pointer to a Subnet6 object
......@@ -1059,24 +1059,6 @@ TEST(Subnet6Test, rapidCommit) {
// This test checks that the flag which indicates if the new leases are
// allocated as a result of processing the Renew and Rebind message can
// be set to "enable" or "disable".
TEST(Subnet6Test, allocNewLeasesOnRenew) {
Subnet6 subnet(IOAddress("2001:db8:1::"), 56, 1, 2, 3, 4);
// By default, the flag should be enabled.
// Disable it.
// Enable again.
// Checks if last allocated address/prefix is stored/retrieved properly
TEST(Subnet6Test, lastAllocated) {
IOAddress ia("2001:db8:1::1");
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