Commit d127560b authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1579] suggested addition: a missing test case for an empty wildcard name.

parent 793772f3
......@@ -2390,6 +2390,19 @@ dnssecFlagCheck(ZoneFinder& finder, ZoneFinder::FindResultFlags sec_flag) {
expected_rdatas, expected_sig_rdatas,
(ZoneFinder::RESULT_WILDCARD | sec_flag),
Name("*"), ZoneFinder::FIND_DNSSEC);
// Empty wildcard (this NSEC doesn't have RRSIG in our test data)
if ((sec_flag & ZoneFinder::RESULT_NSEC_SIGNED) != 0) {
expected_rdatas.push_back("wild.*.foo.* NSEC");
doFindTest(finder, Name(""),
RRType::TXT(), RRType::NSEC(), RRTTL(3600), ZoneFinder::NXRRSET,
expected_rdatas, expected_sig_rdatas,
(ZoneFinder::RESULT_WILDCARD | sec_flag),
Name(""), ZoneFinder::FIND_DNSSEC);
dnssecFlagCheckForAny(finder, Name(""), sec_flag);
TYPED_TEST(DatabaseClientTest, dnssecResultFlags) {
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