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a bit of documentation for the DataDefinition class

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......@@ -7,6 +7,12 @@
namespace isc { namespace data {
/// A standard DataDefinition exception that is thrown when a
/// .spec file could not be parsed.
/// TODO: use jinmei's exception class as a base and not c_str in
/// what() there
class DataDefinitionError : public std::exception {
DataDefinitionError(std::string m = "Data definition is invalid") : msg(m) {}
......@@ -16,9 +22,19 @@ namespace isc { namespace data {
std::string msg;
/// The \c DataDefinition class holds a data specification.
/// Each module should have a .spec file containing the specification
/// for configuration and commands for that module.
/// This class holds that specification, and provides a function to
/// validate a set of data, to see whether it conforms to the given
/// specification
class DataDefinition {
explicit DataDefinition() {};
/// Create a \c DataDefinition instance with the given data as
/// the specification
/// \param e The Element containing the data specification
explicit DataDefinition(ElementPtr e) : definition(e) {};
// todo: make check default false, or leave out option completely and always check?
explicit DataDefinition(std::istream& in, const bool check = true)
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