Commit d1773b2e authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[1288] switch to new API 1: in pre-handle check create iterator and get SOA

using the new API.  _zone_has_soa() and _zone_exit() were not needed anymore,
so were removed, so were corresponding tests.
parent 0b9c1b29
......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ import os
from isc.testutils.tsigctx_mock import MockTSIGContext
from import *
import isc.config
from pydnspp import *
from isc.dns import *
from xfrout import *
import xfrout
import isc.log
......@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@ class Dbserver:
def __init__(self):
self._shutdown_event = threading.Event()
def get_db_file(self):
return None
return 'test.sqlite3'
def increase_transfers_counter(self):
return True
def decrease_transfers_counter(self):
......@@ -511,46 +511,34 @@ class TestXfroutSession(unittest.TestCase):
rrset_soa = self.xfrsess._create_rrset_from_db_record(self.soa_record)
self.assertEqual(82, get_rrset_len(rrset_soa))
def test_zone_has_soa(self):
global sqlite3_ds
def mydb1(zone, file):
return True
sqlite3_ds.get_zone_soa = mydb1
def mydb2(zone, file):
return False
sqlite3_ds.get_zone_soa = mydb2
def test_zone_exist(self):
global sqlite3_ds
def zone_exist(zone, file):
return zone
sqlite3_ds.zone_exist = zone_exist
def test_check_xfrout_available(self):
def zone_exist(zone):
return zone
def zone_has_soa(zone):
return (not zone)
self.xfrsess._zone_exist = zone_exist
self.xfrsess._zone_has_soa = zone_has_soa
self.assertEqual(self.xfrsess._check_xfrout_available(False).to_text(), "NOTAUTH")
self.assertEqual(self.xfrsess._check_xfrout_available(True).to_text(), "SERVFAIL")
def zone_empty(zone):
return zone
self.xfrsess._zone_has_soa = zone_empty
def false_func():
return False
self.xfrsess._server.increase_transfers_counter = false_func
self.assertEqual(self.xfrsess._check_xfrout_available(True).to_text(), "REFUSED")
def true_func():
return True
self.xfrsess._server.increase_transfers_counter = true_func
self.assertEqual(self.xfrsess._check_xfrout_available(True).to_text(), "NOERROR")
class MockDataSrcClient:
def __init__(self, type, config): pass
def get_iterator(self, zone_name):
if zone_name == Name(''):
raise isc.datasrc.Error('no such zone')
self._zone_name = zone_name
return self
def get_soa(self): # emulate ZoneIterator.get_soa()
if self._zone_name == Name(''):
return None
# returning True on success is wrong, but works for this test.
return True
self.xfrsess.ClientClass = MockDataSrcClient
Name('')), Rcode.NOTAUTH())
Name('')), Rcode.SERVFAIL())
self.xfrsess._server.increase_transfers_counter = lambda : False
Name('')), Rcode.REFUSED())
self.xfrsess._server.increase_transfers_counter = lambda : True
Name('')), Rcode.NOERROR())
def test_dns_xfrout_start_formerror(self):
# formerror
......@@ -22,7 +22,8 @@ import
import threading
import struct
import signal
from isc.datasrc import sqlite3_ds
from isc.datasrc import sqlite3_ds # should be obsoleted
from isc.datasrc import DataSourceClient, ZoneFinder
from socketserver import *
import os
from isc.config.ccsession import *
......@@ -106,7 +107,7 @@ def get_rrset_len(rrset):
class XfroutSession():
def __init__(self, sock_fd, request_data, server, tsig_key_ring, remote,
default_acl, zone_config):
default_acl, zone_config, client_class=DataSourceClient):
self._sock_fd = sock_fd
self._request_data = request_data
self._server = server
......@@ -116,6 +117,7 @@ class XfroutSession():
self._remote = remote
self._acl = default_acl
self._zone_config = zone_config
self.ClientClass = client_class # parameterize this for testing
def create_tsig_ctx(self, tsig_record, tsig_key_ring):
......@@ -238,27 +240,6 @@ class XfroutSession():
self._send_message(sock_fd, msg, self._tsig_ctx)
def _zone_has_soa(self, zone):
'''Judge if the zone has an SOA record.'''
# In some sense, the SOA defines a zone.
# If the current name server has authority for the
# specific zone, we need to judge if the zone has an SOA record;
# if not, we consider the zone has incomplete data, so xfrout can't
# serve for it.
if sqlite3_ds.get_zone_soa(zone, self._server.get_db_file()):
return True
return False
def _zone_exist(self, zonename):
'''Judge if the zone is configured by config manager.'''
# Currently, if we find the zone in datasource successfully, we
# consider the zone is configured, and the current name server has
# authority for the specific zone.
# TODO: should get zone's configuration from cfgmgr or other place
# in future.
return sqlite3_ds.zone_exist(zonename, self._server.get_db_file())
def _check_xfrout_available(self, zone_name):
'''Check if xfr request can be responsed.
TODO, Get zone's configuration from cfgmgr or some other place
......@@ -270,15 +251,32 @@ class XfroutSession():
if not self._server.increase_transfers_counter():
return Rcode.REFUSED()
# If the current name server does not have authority for the
# zone, xfrout can't serve for it, return rcode NOTAUTH.
if not self._zone_exist(zone_name):
# Identify the data source for the requested zone and see if it has
# SOA while initializing objects used for request processing later.
# We should eventually generalize this so that choose the appropriate
# data source from (possible) multiple candidates. We should
# eventually take into account the RR class here.
# For now, we hardcode a particular type (SQLite3-based), and only
# consider that one.
datasrc_config = '{ \"database_file\": \"' + \
self._server.get_db_file() + '\"}'
self._datasrc_client = self.ClientClass('sqlite3', datasrc_config)
self._iterator = self._datasrc_client.get_iterator(zone_name)
except isc.datasrc.Error as error:
# If the current name server does not have authority for the
# zone, xfrout can't serve for it, return rcode NOTAUTH.
# Note: this exception can happen for other reasons. We should
# update get_iterator() API so that we can distinguish "no such
# zone" and other cases. For now we consider all these cases
return Rcode.NOTAUTH()
# If we are an authoritative name server for the zone, but fail
# to find the zone's SOA record in datasource, xfrout can't
# provide zone transfer for it.
if not self._zone_has_soa(zone_name):
self._soa = self._iterator.get_soa()
if self._soa is None:
return Rcode.SERVFAIL()
#TODO, check allow_transfer
......@@ -297,24 +295,25 @@ class XfroutSession():
return self._reply_query_with_error_rcode(msg, sock_fd,
zone_name = self._get_query_zone_name(msg)
zone_name = msg.get_question()[0].get_name()
zone_class_str = self._get_query_zone_class(msg)
# TODO: should we not also include class in the check?
rcode_ = self._check_xfrout_available(zone_name)
if rcode_ != Rcode.NOERROR():, zone_name,, zone_name.to_text(),
zone_class_str, rcode_.to_text())
return self._reply_query_with_error_rcode(msg, sock_fd, rcode_)
try:, zone_name, zone_class_str)
self._reply_xfrout_query(msg, sock_fd, zone_name), zone_name.to_text(),
self._reply_xfrout_query(msg, sock_fd, zone_name.to_text())
except Exception as err:
logger.error(XFROUT_AXFR_TRANSFER_ERROR, zone_name,
logger.error(XFROUT_AXFR_TRANSFER_ERROR, zone_name.to_text(),
zone_class_str, str(err))
pass, zone_name, zone_class_str), zone_name.to_text(), zone_class_str)
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