Commit d190aaeb authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[master] Added ChangeLog entry for keactrl support of kea-netconf

parent 8f7d5564
1500 [func,doc] tmark
1501. [func] fdupont
keactrl now supports kea-netconf. The new daemon is disabled by
default. Please edit keactrl.conf (netconf=yes) if you want to
start using it.
(Gitlab #186,!163, git 8f7d556456891e7c675082f7e6cc88da71a92fee)
1500 [func, doc] tmark
Streamlined the isc::dhcp::PacketQueue interface and
added a section on Congestion Handling to the developer's guide.
(Gitlab #278,!162, git 0ce615f5da993ac90f675c5315ba7cb5c2ef3e1c)
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