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[2573] doc for MasterLoader updates

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......@@ -142,8 +142,52 @@ public:
/// finishing the load.
bool loadedSucessfully() const;
/// \brief Return the number of RRs loaded.
/// This method returns the number of RRs loaded via this loader by the
/// time of the call. Before starting the load it will return 0.
/// It will return the total number of RRs of the zone on and after
/// completing the load.
/// \throw None
size_t getRRCount() const;
/// \brief Return the total size of the zone files and streams.
/// This method returns the size of the source of the zone to be loaded
/// (master zone files or streams) that is known at the time of the call.
/// For a zone file, it's the size of the file; for a stream, it's the
/// size of the data (in bytes) available at the start of the load.
/// If separate zone files are included via the $INCLUDE directive, the
/// sum of the sizes of these files are added.
/// If the loader is constructed with a stream, the size can be
/// "unknown" as described for \c MasterLexer::getTotalSourceSize().
/// In this case this method always returns
/// \c MasterLexer::SOURCE_SIZE_UNKNOWN.
/// If the loader is constructed with a zone file, this method
/// initially returns 0. So until either \c load() or \c loadIncremental()
/// is called, the value is meaningless.
/// Note that when the source includes separate files, this method
/// cannot take into account the included files that the loader has not
/// recognized at the time of call. So it's possible that this method
/// returns different values at different times of call.
/// \throw None
size_t getSize() const;
/// \brief Return the position of the loader in zone.
/// This method returns a conceptual "position" of the loader in the
/// zone to be loaded. Specifically, it returns the total number of
/// characters contained in the zone files and streams and recognized
/// by the loader. Before starting the load it returns 0; on successful
/// completion it will be equal to the return value of \c getSize()
/// (unless the latter returns \c MasterLexer::SOURCE_SIZE_UNKNOWN).
/// \throw None
size_t getPosition() const;
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