Commit d831b49b authored by Marcin Siodelski's avatar Marcin Siodelski

[2315] Add more comments in new functions.

parent c6981a0e
......@@ -45,27 +45,39 @@ CfgMgr::addOptionDef(const OptionDefinitionPtr& def,
const OptionDefContainer&
CfgMgr::getOptionDefs(const std::string& option_space) const {
// Get all option definitions for the particular option space.
const std::map<std::string, OptionDefContainer>::const_iterator& defs =
// If there are no option definitions for the particular option space
// then return empty container.
if (defs == option_def_spaces_.end()) {
static OptionDefContainer empty_container;
return (empty_container);
// If option definitions found, return them.
return (defs->second);
CfgMgr::getOptionDef(const std::string& option_space,
const uint16_t option_code) const {
// Get a reference to option definitions for a particular option space.
const OptionDefContainer& defs = getOptionDefs(option_space);
// If there are no matching option definitions then return the empty pointer.
if (defs.empty()) {
return (OptionDefinitionPtr());
// If there are some option definitions for a particular option space
// use an option code to get the one we want.
const OptionDefContainerTypeIndex& idx = defs.get<1>();
const OptionDefContainerTypeRange& range = idx.equal_range(option_code);
// If there is no definition that matches option code, return empty pointer.
if (std::distance(range.first, range.second) == 0) {
return (OptionDefinitionPtr());
// If there is more than one definition matching an option code, return
// the first one. This should not happen because we check for duplicates
// when addOptionDef is called.
return (*range.first);
......@@ -84,6 +84,9 @@ public:
/// @throw isc::dhcp::DuplicateOptionDefinition when the particular
/// option definition already exists.
/// @throw isc::dhcp::MalformedOptionDefinition when the pointer to
/// an option definition is NULL.
/// @throw isc::BadValue when the option space name is empty.
void addOptionDef(const OptionDefinitionPtr& def,
const std::string& option_space);
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