Commit da57d4a0 authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[master] added a changelog entry for TSIP support in libdns++.

parent 5aaa6c0f
235. [func] jinmei
libdns++: added support for TSIG signing and verification. It can
be done using a newly introduced TSIGContext class.
Note: we temporarily disabled support for truncated signature
and modified some part of the code introduced in #226 accordingly.
We plan to fix this pretty soon.
(Trac #812, git ebe0c4b1e66d359227bdd1bd47395fee7b957f14)
(Trac #871, git 7c54055c0e47c7a0e36fcfab4b47ff180c0ca8c8)
(Trac #813, git ffa2f0672084c1f16e5784cdcdd55822f119feaa)
(Trac #893, git 5aaa6c0f628ed7c2093ecdbac93a2c8cf6c94349)
234. [func] jerry
src/bin/xfrin: update xfrin to use TSIG. Currently it only supports
sending a signed TSIG request or SOA request.
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