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[5705] Minor review revisions

parent ef40a210
......@@ -3553,8 +3553,7 @@ It is merely echoed by the server
<note>You can reserve any ip-address in a global reservation. Just keep
in mind that Kea will not do any sanity checking on the address and for
Kea 1.5.0, support for global reservation mechanism should be
considered experimental.
Kea 1.5.0, support for global reservations should be considered experimental.
......@@ -3638,7 +3637,7 @@ It is merely echoed by the server
<para>The conflict resolution mechanism does not work for global
reservations. As of Kea 1.5.0, it is generally recommended to not use
global reservations for addresses. If you want to use it anyway,
you have to manually ensure that the reserved addressed are non
you have to manually ensure that the reserved addressed are not
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in the dynamic pools.</para>
......@@ -4055,11 +4054,11 @@ src/lib/dhcpsrv/ -->
<para>This feature can be used to assign certain parameters, such as
hostname or some dedicated, host specific options. It can also be used to
hostname or other dedicated, host-specific options. It can also be used to
assign addresses. However, global reservations that assign addresses bypass
the whole topology determination provided by DHCP logic implemented in
Kea. It is very easy to misuse this feature and get configuration that is
inconsistent. To give specific example, imagine a case of global reservation
inconsistent. To give a specific example, imagine a global reservation
for address and two subnets and If
global reservations are used in both subnets and a device matching global
host reservations visits part of the network that is serviced by
......@@ -608,12 +608,10 @@ Dhcpv4SrvTest::configure(const std::string& config, NakedDhcpv4Srv& srv,
try {
json = parseJSON(config);
} catch (const std::exception& ex){
// Fatal falure on parsing error
FAIL() << "parsing failure:"
<< "config:" << config << std::endl
<< "error: " << ex.what();
// No point in going deeper into the swamp...
ConstElementPtr status;
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