Commit dca052ba authored by JINMEI Tatuya's avatar JINMEI Tatuya
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[2054] suggested doc update for nodeFission().

Its semantics has been changed, so the doc must be updated.
parent 72539e99
......@@ -1277,10 +1277,11 @@ private:
/// Split one node into two nodes for "prefix" and "suffix" parts of
/// the labels of the original node, respectively. The given node
/// will hold the suffix labels, while the new node will hold the prefix.
/// The newly created node represents the labels that the original node
/// did, so necessary data are swapped.
/// (Note: as commented in the code, this behavior should be changed).
/// will hold the prefix, while a newly created node will hold the prefix.
/// Note that the original node still represents the same domain name in
/// the entire tree. This ensures that a pointer to a node keeps its
/// semantics even if the tree structure is changed (as long as the node
/// itself remains valid).
void nodeFission(util::MemorySegment& mem_sgmt, RBNode<T>& node,
const isc::dns::LabelSequence& new_prefix,
const isc::dns::LabelSequence& new_suffix);
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