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added comments about reentrancy and exception safeness

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......@@ -19,7 +19,17 @@
/// \brief Change the run time user.
/// This function changes the user of the authoritative server process.
/// This function changes the user and its group of the authoritative server
/// process.
/// On success the user ID of the process is changed to the specified user,
/// and the group is changed to that of the new user.
/// This is considered a short term workaround until we develop clearer
/// privilege separation, where the server won't even have to open privileged
/// ports and can be started by a non privileged user from the beginning.
/// This function therefore ignores some corner case problems (see below)
/// which we would address otherwise.
/// \c username can be either a textual user name or its numeric ID.
/// If the specified user name (or ID) doesn't specify a local user ID
......@@ -27,6 +37,18 @@
/// of changing the user to \c username, this function throws an exception
/// of class \c FatalError.
/// This function internally uses system libraries that do not guarantee
/// reentrancy. In fact, it doesn't even expect to be called more than once.
/// The behavior is undefined if this function is called from multiple threads
/// simultaneously or more generally called multiple times.
/// This function only offers the basic exception guarantee, that is, if
/// an exception is thrown from this function, it's possible that an exception
/// is thrown after changing the group ID. This function doesn't recover
/// from that situation. In practice, the process is expected to consider
/// this event a fatal error and will immediately exit, and shouldn't cause
/// a real trouble.
/// \param username User name or ID of the new effective user.
void changeUser(const char* const username);
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