Commit ddb1b224 authored by Stephen Morris's avatar Stephen Morris
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[trac998] Fix comment.

parent 0b838ba0
......@@ -580,13 +580,12 @@ TEST(IPCheck, MixedMode) {
// Check where the bit pattern of an IPv4 address matches that of an IPv6
// one. 2001:db8.
// one.
IPCheck<GeneralAddress> acl5("2001:db8::/32");
GeneralAddress test5(0x20010db8);
// ... and where the reverse is true. (2001:db8 corresponds to
// (To get the bytes for the IPv6 address into a GeneralAddress structure,
IPCheck<GeneralAddress> acl6("");
GeneralAddress test6(vector<uint8_t>(V6ADDR_1, V6ADDR_1 + IPV6_SIZE));
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