Commit df2502bc authored by Jelte Jansen's avatar Jelte Jansen
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[master] Fix test that failed on NetBSD

Was not NetBSD-specific, but the symptom only appeared to show there; you cannot reliably do 2 tcp async_send's without waiting for the completion in between.

Fixed it by writing output to a temporary buffer that includes the TCP length data (we might want to consider allowing MessageRenderer to append to a buffer, btw)
parent 729bbdeb
......@@ -443,8 +443,10 @@ public:
// Convert to wire format
MessageRenderer renderer(*tcp_send_buffer_);
// Use a temporary buffer for the dns wire data (we copy it
// to the 'real' buffer below)
OutputBuffer msg_buf(BUFFER_SIZE);
MessageRenderer renderer(msg_buf);
// Expected next state (when checked) is the UDP query to
......@@ -455,16 +457,13 @@ public:
expected_ = UDP_EXAMPLE_ORG;
tcp_cumulative_ = 0;
// We'll write the message in two parts, the count and the message
// itself. This saves having to prepend the count onto the start of a
// buffer. When specifying the send handler, the expected size of the
// data written is passed as the first parameter so that the handler
// can check it.
uint8_t count[2];
writeUint16(tcp_send_buffer_->getLength(), count);
tcp_socket_.async_send(asio::buffer(count, 2),
boost::bind(&RecursiveQueryTest2::tcpSendHandler, this,
2, _1, _2));
// Unless we go through a callback loop we cannot simply use
// async_send() multiple times, so we cannot send the size first
// followed by the actual data. We copy them to a new buffer
// first
tcp_send_buffer_->writeData(msg_buf.getData(), msg_buf.getLength());
boost::bind(&RecursiveQueryTest2::tcpSendHandler, this,
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