Commit e5c3a800 authored by Francis Dupont's avatar Francis Dupont
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[694-add-valid-lifetime-to-dhcp4_lease_alloc-and-dhcp6_lease_alloc-logging] Added ChangeLog entry for DHCP*_LEASE_ALLOC improvement
parent 845d6e83
1601. [func] fdupont
Kea servers now add the lease validity lifetime to informational
lease allocation log messages.
(Gitlan #694,!399, git cb29b532cf1f8790f9752d7e8253b0aa31ce05e6)
1600. [bug] fdupont
Fixed prefixLengthFromRange() routine.
(Gitlab #583.!377, git 10bd31217d8a0a77345c4cba7a59314f70c1b509)
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